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World Hindu Economic Forum Meets at Anoopam Mission Swami Narayan Temple in London; Urges Global Hindu Business Collaboration

Leaders of the World Hindu Economic Forum met at Anoopam Mission, Denham, London

London, September 24 – The UK chapter of the World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) held its quarterly meeting on Thursday, September 21 at the Anoopam Mission Swami Narayan Temple in Denham. The meeting brought together over 100 Hindu business leaders and community members for an evening of networking and discussion about the global Hindu community.

WHEF founder and Chairman Swami Vigyananand led the congregation

The headline speaker at the event was WHEF founder and chairman Swami Vigyananand, who addressed the gathering of approximately 150 attendees. In his speech, Swami Vigyananand spoke about the importance of Hindu unity and leadership on the world stage. He highlighted the need for Hindu business leaders to collaborate across national and cultural boundaries for the advancement of the broader Hindu community.

Swami Vigyananand spoke about the importance of Hindu unity and leadership on the world stage

In addition to Swami Vigyananand’s remarks, the meeting provided an opportunity for WHEF UK members to connect and share ideas related to business and the economy. As one of the largest minority religious groups in the UK, Hindu business leaders are looking to organize and leverage their collective economic influence.

Author and Director of the Nehru Centre London, Amish Tripathi addressed the gathering

The event also served as a promotion for the upcoming World Hindu Congress 2023, which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from November 24-26. The congress brings together Hindu leaders from around the world every four years and will include seven thematic conferences focused on issues of importance to Hindus globally. Over 10,000 participants are expected to attend the 2023 congress.

Multi-cultural marketing guru, Manish Tripathi spoke about following the ‘Sanatan’ values in business

The UK chapter of the WHEF reflects the growing organization and activism among British Hindu businesses and entrepreneurs. With an estimated Hindu population of over 830,000 in the UK, the community is looking to amplify its voice and bring Hindu values to bear on the national and world stage.

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