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IEBF Global Networking Meet 2023 Focuses on India-Europe Trade, Sustainable Business Growth

India-Europe Global Networking 2023 Meet held by IEBF at UK’s House of Lords

The India-Europe Global Networking Meet 2023 organised by the Indo-European Business Forum (IEBF) on October 10 brought into focus the growing strategic economic alliance between India and Europe. The high-profile event held at the House of Lords in London centered around the theme of “Unicorns and Sustainable Development.”

In his address, IEBF Founder Vijay Goel emphasised the soaring partnership between Europe and India, noting British PM Rishi Sunak’s commitment to a free trade pact. IEBF Co-Founder Sunil Kumar Gupta stressed, “India and U.K. can collaborate to realise the vision of one earth- one family one future. Together we can shape a sustainable world.”

“India would soon become the third largest economy in the world, so the primary focus should remain on boosting Indo-European/ Indo-U.K. Ties,” highlighted Gopichand P Hinduja, Chairman of the Hinduja Group.

The meet attended by global business heads, policymakers and diplomats aimed to increase trade and investment opportunities. It highlighted sectors with potential for win-win European-Indian collaboration.

Manoj Kumar Singh, Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, pointed out the state’s strengths in agri-industries and supply chains to power robust networks between India and Europe. He said, “The State of Uttar Pradesh has proved to be a powerhouse of Agri-based Industries with year-round ideal Agro-climatic conditions, which can thus create a robust and dedicated supply chain network for the Indo-European region.”

Princess Katrina emphasized synergies in tech and education for entrepreneurship.

Joseph Muscat, Former PM of Malta, noted the deepening ties between India and small states like Malta today. Paul Scully, UK Minister for Tech, stressed the leading tech hubs of Bangalore and London can boost each other’s growth.

The event recognised leading entrepreneurs and businesses excelling in social impact, fintech, education, blockchain, real estate and other emerging sectors.

By bringing together policymakers, industry captains and thought leaders on one platform, the IEBF meet mapped out an ambitious vision for the future of India-Europe collaboration spanning trade, sustainability, climate action, and digital growth. It marked an important milestone in strengthening economic bonds between the two regions.

Established in 2007, the IEBF is an independent and impartial body actively
promoting two-way flows of trade and investment between India and the EU
member countries. It is a non-profit, privately funded, non-governmental
organization. Its aim is to encourage, nurture and promote bilateral business,
mutual understanding and friendly relationship between industrial, service, and
business communities of India and Europe.

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